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'Don't worry be happy' or 'Make stress your friend'?

One of the most significant triggers for tension type headaches and migraines is psychological stress. Ongoing stress is also a predictor of how well people recover with back and neck pain. So is the answer to “don’t worry be happy?” "Just cut out stress", "You need to take more stress out of your life" or the always ridiculous: "You need to stop work or make it less stressful". Or my personal favourite, "Just don't let yourself feel so stressed"

But what happens if you CANT just let it go so easily? Or you haven't won tattslotto and you have to keep working to be able to live?

Well there is a possibility that decreasing stress might not be all that important anyway. What IS important is how you look at it.

We all have stress in one form or another and for most of us its actually SO constant that we may not even realise that we have it.

New research suggests that if you view your stress response as being your body's way of helping you out of a tough spot, rather than something that makes your life harder, then not only might you live longer but your stress may actually help PROTECT your heart from heart disease!

Watch the TED talk below to find out what I mean. Its not short but it is worth the investment of your time. How often can you spend 15minutes and potentially save your won life?

How do you think you're dealing with stress? Is it time you updated your perspective?

Let us know what you think next time you're in the practice!


All the best,


Are you Sitting too much?

Maybe you've heard the new catch phrase, "Sitting is the new smoking"? 
Have you wondered why that is?  Are you curious as to how prolonged periods of sitting is causing you harm?  How sitting decreases brain activity, can cause back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain? How sitting can decrease fat metabolism, contribute to metabolic diseases, heart disease, depression and even some cancers?
For a simple explanation, watch this 5min Ted Ed talk (perhaps do it standing!) and learn what impact sitting is having on your posture and health.
If you're curious, you can even take this survey and calculate just how much sitting you are doing each day, the results may shock you!
Here's a few strategies you may use to get off your butt;
1. If you work in an office at a desk, perhaps get into the habit of taking phone calls standing up
2. Set an alarm for every 30mins to get up out of your chair and do a few stretches
3. If you commute to work via Public Transport, you could choose to stand instead of sit
4. There are great options for standing work stations - check this one out
5. Walk to work, or at least park further away from the office.  This serves two purposes, increases your exercise for the day AND reduces sitting time in the car
6. If you're into computer games, try playing them standing up, instead of sitting!  It may surprise you to know that standing actually increases brain activity and reactivity.  So standing may help you get to that next level.

A bitter sweet blog post by Caitlin Lewis

As most of the Align Chiropractic community now know, I am about leave the nest and move to the other side of the world to get married and start a new chapter of my life with my future husband and his family in Ireland. My final shift is this Saturday the 6th of June!
Its a scary yet exciting adventure. Scary because for the last 9 years I have been a part of the Align Chiropractic Team.
Some of you will remember I started on the front desk as a Student Chiropractor in 2006. I worked a with Martin and as I sat watching him adjust, I would think to myself  "Wow how amazing would it be to work as a Chiropractor under his wing".
Lucky for me the stars aligned and I became Martin’s 3rd associate in 2007 followed by Carmen and Kieran, and we have all been the of Chiropractors at Align Chiropractic since 2010.
I’ve loved being a part of this team and couldn’t think of better people to have started my career with. They have shaped who I am today both professionally and personally.
Martin has been a HUGE support and influence in my transition from student to professional Chiropractor. He is a fantastic mentor in all situations and one of the best practice owners I’ve ever had the priveilage to work with. His unwavering support, diplomatic attitude, dose of tough love when needed, unbiased advice, encouraging words, personal development and mind set coaching has given me an unshakable foundation to flourish in my future endeavours, not only as a Chiropractor but as a person as well.
It is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the Align team and community. I can’t thank everyone enough for making my time at Align Chiropractic so fun and memorable for nearly a decade. All the kind words and thoughtful gifts I have received since deciding to leave has been more than I could ever have expected! I feel very loved and spoilt.
If you are ever in Dublin, please make sure you get in touch! The guys at align have my contact details and I would love to help you find the best place for Guiness :)

What's the Best Sitting Posture for a Happy Back?

NO NO NO Mascot Marty your posture is all wrong!

We see lots of people who sit majority of the day. Whether its working, studying, driving, socialising, browsing social media - a LOT of our day is spent on our bottoms. Did you know your posture directly effects your health!

If we are going to spend this long sitting we may as well do it right!

The Chiropractors Association of Australia have a helpful guide on how to improve your posture when sitting. Check it out here and make sure you print out the checklist and adjust your work station and contact us if you have any questions!

We are raising this awareness to promote Spinal Health Week May 25th-31st. The theme is #happyback and we’ll be giving you weekly tips on how to keep your back happy while you work, rest and play!


School Bags!


Dr Jen has informed us once again of the importance of a proper fitting school bag!

Here are 3 quick tips!

1. It must weigh no more than 10-15% of a childs body weight

2. When loaded with unavoidable heavy books both shoulder straps should be worn so the child isn't pulled backwards. Their spine should be straight!

3. Go for a lightweight bad with 2 padded shoulder straps

Have a wonderful school year for 2012 :)